About the Journal

About the Journal

 “The Historical Expertise” is a journal of the Russian historians’ community. The first issue was released in 2014. Since 2015 it is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal. Each issue has around 350 pages. The journal has both printed and online versions. Editorial board and editorial council include leading researchers from Russia, Europe and the United States.

Ответственный редактор журнала - Стыкалин А.С.  В Редколлегию и Редакционный совет входят видные историки из России, Европы и США. Все статьи рецензируются.

The main theme of the journal is memory studies, including research of global, national and local memories. There are additional sections regarding the different aspects of collective memory: “The Problems of National Memory Abroad”, “The Memory of Trauma”, “How it Really Was”. During the last two years there are regularly publications of interviews with the principal memory studies researchers and translations of their papers.

The journal pays big attention to the reviewing of academic historical productions, each issue has ten to fifteen reviews. In addition there are a permanent section of interviews, regarding the experience of outstanding Russian and Western historians, which is called “The Time of a Historian” and two sections analyzing the problems of the historians’ community: “The Social Problems of Science” and “Self-organization of Science”.


About publisher

Publishing house "Nestor-Historia" was founded in 2002. It specializes in the literature in humanities. Over 2,000 publications have been published in cooperation with dozens of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities and other academic centers from St. Petersburg, Moscow, other Russian regions and from abroad.


Appendix 9

Materials Acceptance and Review Rules  of the Journal «Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza» ("Historical Expertise")

  1. The editorial board accepts for publication the articles corresponding to the subject of the journal. The journal «Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza» publishes the articles on the issues of world and national history, historiography, source study and methods of historical research, as well as on the issues of historical and cultural memory and trauma, scientific reference reports, reviews of new publications in these areas. 
  1. The authors' original articles are accepted for consideration only subject to the requirements observation that are posted on the journal's website in the sections "Articles presentation requirements in the journal «Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza», "Materials acceptance and review rules" https://istorex.ru/rules.html. Manuscripts presented in violation of the requirements are not considered and are not returned to the authors.
  2. All the articles received by the editorial board are tested in the Antiplagiat system. The minimum originality threshold of the text accepted for review is 80%. In case of non-compliance, the author is sent the test result to bring the text into compliance with this requirement.
  3. All the materials received by the editorial board of the scientific journal «Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza» are subject to mandatory scientific expertise. Herewith, the double blind peer review is used.
  4. The primary test of the manuscript is carried out by the Editor-in-Chief / Executive Editor / of the Journal together with the Deputy Executive Editor and the Executive Secretary. They determine correspondence of the article to the journal profile and the author’s final manuscript presentation requirements and send it for peer review.
  5. For the manuscripts review, the members of the Editorial Board and the Editorial staff of the journal and other highly qualified scientists and specialists of state educational institutions of higher professional education, employees of academic and applied institutes are involved as the reviewers. All the journal reviewers are the recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have, over the past 3 years, publications on the subject of the peer-reviewed article. The reviewer cannot be the author or co-author of the reviewed work.
  6. The Editorial Board sends to the authors copies of the reviews or of a reasoned refusal.
  7. All the originals of the reviews and the texts of the materials received by the Editorial Board are kept at the Editorial Board of the scientific journal «Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza» for at least 5 years.
  8. If necessary, copies of the reviews can be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the corresponding request by the Editorial Board of the publication.
  9. As a result of peer review, four decision options are accepted: the article can be published without changes; the article needs revision; the article needs a complete revision; the article should be rejected. If the article needs revision, the author is given a time period determined by the editorial and publishing process to eliminate the comments. If the article needs a complete revision, the author is recommended to prepare the article for one of the following issues.
  10. After discussing the peer review results with the author, the materials are submitted for discussion by the editorial board, which makes the final decision on including them in the next issue of the journal.
  11. Details of the reviewer and authorship are anonymous to ensure double blind peer review. Violation of confidentiality can only occur in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. The presence of a positive review is not the sufficient reason for the article publication.
  12. Subject to the article acceptance for publication, the article text goes to the editor for scientific and general editing, proofreading and typesetting. At any of these stages, the editorial staff may request additional information and / or clarifying information from the author. Before publication, the finished materials are sent to the author for approval. If the author discovers misprints or inaccuracies, he/she provides the Editorial Board with a file with the detailed list of necessary corrections.

Submitted Materials Review Requirements 

  1. Recommended volume of the reviews: shall constitute one or two pages.
  2. The review must contain a qualified, objective, reasoned analysis of the article and reasoned recommendations addressed to its author. 
  1. The review notes:
  • whether the subject matter and problems of the submitted materials correspond to the journal scientific profile;
  • whether the submitted research results are relevant, whether they meet the scientific novelty criterion;
  • whether the level of the material submitted in the article corresponds to the modern achievements of science;
  • whether the results obtained by the author are correct and significant from a scientific or scientific-practical point of view;
  • whether the article presentation meets the requirements stipulated by the editorial board of the journal. 
  1. In the final part of the review, it should be drawn the conclusions about the quality of the article as a whole, recommendation for its publication should be given or constructive comments should be made, suggesting revision or complete revision of the scientific material.

Executive Editor of the journal

«Istoricheskaya Ekspertiza»

A.S. Stykalin


The most convenient contact is through the feedback form on our website. You can also write and call the following addresses and phone numbers.
197110, Sankt-Peterburg, Petrozavodskaya ul., d. 7
Tel. (812)235-15-86
E-mail: nestor_historia@list.ru
Kachanova Elena Fedorovna

125047, Moscow, Raushskaya naberezhnaya, 4/5, stroenie 1, kabinet 204
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