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Global Memory

9 “It is a sobering thought that ‘memory laws’ was originally a West European invention”. Interview with Per Rudling

About the author: Rudling Per Anders, Wallenberg Academy Fellow, funded by the Knut
and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, between 2019–2024. He is an associate professor of history
at Lund University. In 2015–2019 he was Visiting Senior Fellow at the National University
of Singapore, in 2015 Visting Professor for Eastern European History at the University
of Vienna, Austria. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Lund University 2012–2014 and at
the University of Greifswald 2010–2011. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta
(2009), MA degrees from San Diego State University (2003) and Uppsala University (1998).
Contact information:

Abstract. In his interview prof. Rudling tells how deep is his family memory, why he was
involved in East European studies, about his pupils, how the Ulrainian nationalists
from Canada try to blackmail him and about his extensive academic plans.
Key words: Family memory, Central and Eastern Europe, nationalism, Holocaust.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-9-20


National memory

21 “Prince Alexander managed to build a relatively tolerable system that allowed him to live and develop under the Mongol-Tatar yoke”. Interview with V.V. Dolgov

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-21-37

38 “It was a promising attempt to take the Russian revolution out of the rut that led the country to totalitarianism”. To the 100th anniversary of the Kronstadt uprising. Interview with A. V. Shubin

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-38-43

44 PER ANDERS RUDLING Lukashenka and the “Red-Browns”: National Ideology, Commemoration of the Past and Political Belonging

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-44-77


Actual problems of national memory of foreign countries

78 Italian left-wing tradition in the history of the twentieth century (to the 100th anniversary of the IKP). Interview with V. P. Liubin

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-78-100


Memory of the Second World War

101 M. V. KYRCHANOFF “Own” traitors of “alien” war: features of historical politics and memory of World War II in Ireland

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-101-112

113 M. V. NOVIKOVA The theme of the “lost motherland” and the problem of national trauma in the collective memory of the Germans of the GDR (based on the materials of the diaries and autobiographical texts of Christa Wolf)

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-113-128

129 B. L. KHAVKIN Soviet-German Documents of 1939–1941 in Historical Memory

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-129-157

158 A. FAYN Little-known aspects of Nazi propaganda and current conditions for their study. Letter from Germany

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-158-177


Memory of Katyn

178 S. V. ROMANOV Some remarks concerning one unscrupulous publication about the Katyn crime

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-178-197

198 “The shooting of POWs is extraordinary crime”. Interview with A. E. Guryanov

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-198-210


F. M. Dostoevsky in the European historical and Cultural memory of the New Time. On the 200th anniversary of his birth

211 L. LUKS “The Jewish Question” in journalism F. M. Dostoevsky and H. von Treitschke

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-211-229

230 A. T. BEZAROV Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s position on jewish question

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-230-253


Сorporate memory

254 L. A. ROGOVAYA, P. M. POLYAN, G. V. NOXOTOVICH Archivist. In memory of Dina Nikolaevna Nokhotovich

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-254-256



257 V. E. MOLODYAKOV “Now Only France Can and Must Help Franco”: Charles Maurras’s unaccomplished mission to Spain, Fall 1939

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-257-266

267 A.A RYBALKA Voivode Komarov: from hectograph to revolver

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-267-281



Generalizing studies

282 N. S. ZHIROVA The time of Comintern. Rev.: Vremia Kominterna: materialy mezhdunar. nauchnykh konferentsii k 100-letiiu Kommunisticheskogo Internatsionala, Gos. publ. ist. bibka Rossii, ist. fak. MGU im. V. M. Lomonosova; nauch. red.: O. S. Porshneva; sost.: E. N. Strukova, K. B. Kharitonov. Moscow, 2020. 352 p.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-282-286

The world

287 A. A. AGAPOVA Rev.: Ideal vospitaniia dvorianstva v Evrope: XVII–XIX veka, pod red. V. S. Rzheutskogo i dr. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2018. 492 p. (Seriia: Historia Rossica)

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-287-291

292 T. G. BITKOVA Soviet presence in post-war Romania: Conclusions of historians and the memory of society

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-292-308

309 G. GECSE Rev.: Tefner Zoltán. Nyelvtanítás a bécsi Keleti Akadémián 1754–1918 [Sprachunterricht an der Orientalischen Akademie von Wien 1745–1918]. GlobEdit, Riga, 2018

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-309-313

314 V. A. SOLONARI Rev.: Omer Bartov, Anatomiya genocida: zhizn` i smert` goroda, nazy`vaemogo Buchach / Omer Bartov, Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town
Called Buczacz. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2018. xv + 399p.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-314-321

322 Yu. A. SHCHERBAKOVA The Slovak State 1939–1945: Interpretations of Modern Slovak Historians and Politicians

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-322-330


The Russian Empire

331 A. A. TESLYA Notes on the margins: “My literary and moral wandering” of Apollon Grigoriev

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-331-339

340 M. A. DEVLIN Rev.: Ul`yanova L. V. Politicheskaya policiya i liberal`noe dvizhenie v Rossijskoj imperii: vlast` igry`, igra vlast`yu. 1880-1905. SPb.: Aletejya, 2020. 358 p., ill.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-340-344

345 L. A. YUZEFOVICH Extracted from nothingness. A book about the traitorous commanders of the Civil War. Rev.: Ganin A. V. Izmena komandarmov. Predstaviteli vysshego komandnogo sostava Krasnoi armii, pereshedshie na storonu protivnika v gody Grazhdanskoi voiny v Rossii 1917–1922 gg. Moscow: Piatyi Rim, 2020.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-345-350



351 A. A. KOUZNETSOV Rev.: Solomonov V.A., Zaitseva N. N. Pavel Grigor’evich Liubomirov: prevratnosti sud’by istorika. Moscow: Novyi khronograf, 2019. 240 p.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-351-357

358 A. I. RUPASOV Rev.: Sabin Diullen. Uplotnenie granits: K istokam sovetskoi politiki. 1920–1940-e, per. s frantsuzskogo E. Kustovoi.Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2019. 416 p.

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-358-365



366 V. B. STOLOV Russia of the 20th century in school history textbooks for the 10th grade

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-366-385


386 “I suppose, that we should not be under any illusion about higher education in Russia”. Interview with K. K. Martynov

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-386-402

403 COVID in our lives and professional activities. Questionnaire of historians

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-403-419



420 D. V. PANCHENKO To the 150th anniversary of M. I. Rostovtzeff (1870–1952)

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-420-422



423 M. Yu. EDELSHTEJN “Matveev is not an exception, but a rule, only slightly grotesquely pointed”

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-423-425



426 N. P. TANSHINA School of Young Scientists — 2020

DOI 10.31754/2409-6105-2021-2-426-431

432 Requirements for publication of articles and documents

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